Other Services

  • Internet Banking – Internet Banking allows you to view the balance and print recent activity from each of your accounts.
  • Paperless Statements – To save paper and time, you have the option to receive your statements via the internet. Through Paperless Statements you receive your statement with activity and check images, through online banking.
  • Telephone Banking – Information about your account is available 24-hours a day, seven days a week. You may dial 270-982-7282 to find out information about your checking, savings, certificates of deposits, and loans.
  • Credit Cards – West Point Bank is an issuer of MasterCard Credit Cards. This card can be used anywhere displaying the MasterCard logo. Credit Card Applications are available on request, see a West Point Bank customer service representitive for an application, fees and interest rate.
  • Check Imaging – West Point Bank utilizes check imaging for the processing, storing and retrieval of checks. Check imaging is a method of processing checks that converts a check into an electronic image. The image is identical to the original check in every detail. This image legally becomes the check and is acceptable to a court of law and by the IRS. We will provide you with a three ring binder, free of charge, in which to store statements and check images. Check imaging substantially reduces the time and cost retrieving copies of checks and statements.

For additional information regarding our services and fees, please contact us at 270-351-1414.

Last updated on Apr 11, 2017

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